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Mainstream... (TNS comp) & Free album no P&P

Image of Mainstream... (TNS comp) & Free album no P&P

£4.00 - On Sale

********FREE P&P TO UK********

This is the 2nd compilation released by TNS Records, but this time its twice as long and twice as good!
full listing:


The Shadowcops - The Sleeper Awakes
Sounds of Swami - Bandwagon Hi-Jack
Revenge of the Psychotronic Man - Blackpool ROCK
Rising Strike - Force of Habit, Habit of Force
D'Corner Bois - Everything's a Mess
The Kirkz - Brain Dead
The Emos - Jason Bourne Ready
Dangerfields - Gimme Gimme Rock n' Roll
The Dead Reckoning - Heads Up
The Hyperjax - Talkin' New York City
The Great St Louis - Safe
The Nova Fives - Love Letters
Acid Drop - Polly Piper
Just Add Monsters - Discontent
Fair Do's - When It All Goes Wrong
The Dangerous Aces - Lock In
The Terrors - Disasters Only Get Worse?
SmackRats - Dead Men Don't Act Like Cunts
2 Sick Monkeys - Why?

Harijan - Portland Street
Cartoon Violence - Kite
Stand Out Riot - Speacesuit
John Player Specials - the Wilsonator
Jimmy the Squirrel - Seat Up High
The Hostiles - Bad Day For Shorts
The Hijacks - Greed and Fear
The Fractions - Down and Out
Sense of Urgency - Lowbrow
A War Against Sound - Premature Chokehold
Kickback UK - Reality Check
Faintest Idea - Why Don't Rich Kids Go War?
The Autonomads - Supermarket Sweep
Rasta4Eyes - Oscar and Arthur
Just Panic - Killer Fairytales
Los Salvadores - Empty Boxes
Bootscraper - There Will Be Blood
The Medicine Bow - This Side of Town (Train Song)

Plus if you order this cd, you get a free copy of our album 'Release'